Located at the crossroads of 3 major highways northwest of Detroit, Novi is a booming city that’s been successfully growing for decades. It has a tremendous number of businesses, a strong school district, and about 60,000 residents.

Near the popular 12 Oaks Mall is a large park that borders Walled Lake.

This is another of the many communities we’re proud to serve, and you can see us at work with heavy equipment here for installation of a new flat roof in a commercial setting.

Serving the region since 2001, Element Roofing is much more than a residential, shingle roofer. We install and repair metal roofs, cedar roofs, flat roofs, and commercial roofs as well.

We treat no job lightly, because the job isn’t done until you’re satisfied. And since we guarantee our work, you can bet we’re doing top quality work the first time. Because even though we’ll be there to help if you ever run into a problem with your roof … we hope you never have to call for that reason. And because of some of our special installation techniques, we think you never will.

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