Born as a village in the late 1800s and as a city in 1934, Grosse Pointe holds a lot of history as one of Detroit’s first commuter neighborhoods. It includes large and small homes alike, including a 12,000 square foot mansion built by the Booth family. But many other homes are considered historical, including this one we had the opportunity to work on.

Sure, it looks like a mess during the roof restoration process, but we make sure the home and yard are left in great condition whenever we’re done on a job site. And this roof, of course, is better than ever while staying true to its historic feel.

When you think of Detroit, you can hardly help but think of Henry Ford, and Grosse Pointe was home to many of the Fords, including Henry Clay Ford, Sr., who once owned the Detroit Lions. But the small city — just 1 square mile — has also been home to many sports stars and entertainers. The movie Grosse Pointe Blank was also filmed here. And within the city’s tiny frame, you still have a park, a retail area, and shoreline along Lake Saint Clair. Truly a beautiful place to visit, and a place we enjoyed working to restore this roof.

Historical Roof Restoration, Grosse Pointe, Michigan | Element Roofing